Golden Bros

3v3 Battle Royal Cryptogame by Netmarble F&C

Netmarble presents GOLDEN BROS, real-time P2E battle royal

Meet the first cryptobattle from AAA global game studio
Golden Bros
As this big player in the traditional gaming industry makes its first appearance in the crypto space, Golden Bros is designed to be genuinely fun and organically profitable.

🎈Battle with and against friends PvP is at the core of Golden Bros. Seize victory with your team

Enjoy quick and intense battles within 3 minutes to earn what you came for. Our 3v3 cryptobattles will motivate you to work with your team and destroy your opponents together.

🎈Make it to the TOP rank Higher ranks yield more rewards. Keep challenging beyond limit

Be the disruptive one in the scene and you will be renowned for your accomplishments. Strategy in and out of game will help you climb the ladder and lead to a greater chance of earning rewards!

🎈Unique battles & Strategic play Adapt to the abilities you pick up from a battle and design your own course to victory

Bros will randomnly acquire Capsule Abilities during game play. Adapt quickly to the abilities you pick up and strategically build your own configurations. To be the winning Bros, you will need to adopt diverse tactics to outwit the opponents.
Golden Bros was developed by the same Netmarble F&C that also developed the well-known
Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.
The game is an official blockchain game published by
as ranked by App Annie, in cooperation with Binance Smart Chain.
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