Free to Play
Anyone can join and play, no borders

Easy to Learn

With simple controls, have fun while farming, growing, fighting, keeping others in check, and even brawling! All the highlights of a team battle are packed in just 3 minutes. Even if you are new to shooting games, you will have no problem easing into this one thanks to its simple rules. In no time, you will be on your couch battling your way to the top.
The key is to establish your base, hide in a bush, and use your Ultimates at the right moment. Wait for the ideal timing for your shot, and turn the tide by reviving your fallen allies!
When you first join, you will be given 9 free Bros as default. You can start playing the game for free using the Bros you receive. Test all kinds of Bros combinations and see which one suits you best.
Also, take advantage of check-in rewards and such to receive N Grade Costumes to get a taste of what Play-to-Earn feels like.

Gold & Medals & N Grade Costumes

While Free to Play users will not be rewarded with eGBC, they can acquired in-game currencies: Gold & Medals.

๐ŸŒ• Gold

Gold is used to purchase Bros Genes and other helpful items to boost your chance of winning.
Grow your Bros and make them stronger than your opponents. This will give you an edge over others in terms of battle stats, bringing more victories to your record.

๐ŸŽ– Medal

Medals are used to open Camping Chests. The chests contain Gold, Bros Genes, and other helpful items. They allow you to effectively utilize your accomplishments to strengthen your Bros and diversify your collection.

๐Ÿ‘” N Grade Costumes

N Grade Costumes can be obtained by Mystery box or free by accomplishing certain milestones such as daily check-in and other in-game campaigns. By equipping this costume, you can earn a small amount of GBC by engaging in cryptobattles. Even if you are new to crypto games, we would like you to at least have a slight taste of P2E fun.


Bros without Costumes VS with Costumes
  • All Bros, regardless of Costume use, can obtain Gold and Medals from Bros Battles.
  • All Bros, regardless of Costume use, can participate in all events.
  • Bros without Costumes cannot obtain GBC in Bros Battles.