7/28 (Thu) Patch update

The content below refers to the updates that will be applied after the patch on 7/28 (Thu).
1. Grand Launch Related Functions Added/Removed.
  • Check-in Event Added
  • Costume Durability Recharge and Withdraw Function Added
    • Owned Costumes can be recharged when their durability reaches 0.
    • Withdrawal is allowed if the Costume withdrawal conditions are met.
  • Costume Stack Function Removed
    • The Costume Stack function was deleted since it is no longer helpful to users after the changes made to the Card creation methods.
  • Equipment Mission Added
  • Today's Mission Added
  • Equipment System Added
    • In order to balance the character’s growth by League, an Equipment System has been added.
  • Collection Card System Added
    • Collection Cards (NFT items) with increased mining performance and decorative features have been added.
  • Token, NFT Withdrawal Function Added (via CUBE HUB)
  • Sign Up Function (PC) Added
  • League Score Reduction Upon Defeat Feature Added
    • League Tier can now drop upon losing.
    • If demoted, the Promotion Round needs to be challenged again.
2. eGBP Exchange and Red Gadget Withdrawal
  • eGBP, the Early Access exclusive Token, is no longer available.
  • Owned eGBP will be automatically changed to Red Gadget.
  • The exchange rate is 100 eGBP to 1 Red Gadget.
  • After the Grand Launch it will be possible to withdraw Red Gadget.
  • Note: Wallet function is not available through mobile. Make sure you link your wallet through PC (CUBE) first to use related functions in PC environment.
3. Languages Added
  • Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, French, German, and Vietnamese have been added.
4. 8 New Costumes
  • 8 New Costumes added (4 N Grade / 4 R Grade).
5. Fixed Bugs & Improvements
  • The issue where 10/10 was displayed when obtaining all Pass Points in Bros Pass has been fixed.
  • The issue where the character’s HP bar was not displayed properly due to increased HP has been fixed.
  • The issue where the HP bar was occasionally displayed in black or red during PVP has been fixed.
  • The issue where, when a Costume is equipped, the Portrait background would be displayed as the background for each Bros Grade on the result screen after surviving has been fixed.
  • The Shop page was improved to reset the daily products in real time.
  • The Daily Events page was improved to reset the daily events in real time.
  • The issue where the character became transparent during PVP has been fixed.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.
6. Reward Modifications
Modifications will be made to solve the Gold acquisition issue through intentional defeats, and Shop prices will be readjusted to reflect the Red Gadget acquisition changes to be applied on 7/28. Upgrade materials, Bros Upgrades (excluding Hidden Links), and Currency obtained during the Early Access period will be maintained after the Grand Launch.
  • Shop Products Price Changes
    • The price of some items will be reduced to reflect the Red Gadget acquisition changes to be applied on 7/28.
  • Gold Quantities and Price Changes
    • The amount of Gold purchasable through the Shop will be increased to reflect the Red Gadget acquisition changes to be applied on 7/28.
  • Equipment was added to the Today’s Sale section of the Shop
  • Season Pass Renewal to Celebrate Regular Season 1
    • Season Pass Tiers will be expanded to 70, and Golden Pass activation will cost 1,000 Gems.
  • Diamond League Season Reward Changes in Regular Season 1
    • The Grade N Jennifer reward will be changed to a Grade N Costume Chest.
  • Bros Code Power Up Balance Adjustments
    • Stats adjusted to 20% of the Currently Applied Values: Attack Power / Health Point / Critical Rate / Defense Penetrate Rate / Critical Power Rate / Attack Speed / Defense Power / Critical Defense Rate.
    • Stats adjusted to 50% of the Currently Applied Values: Melee Defense Rate / Range Defense Rate.
  • Battle Reward Changes
    • Gold will be removed from the Bros Battle defeat reward.
7. Equipment Notes
  • After the Grand Launch, Equipment can only be acquired using Camp Medals obtained from Battles.
  • It’s not possible to obtain Equipment from Camping Chests or Camp Medals accumulated during Early Access.
  • Camping Chests and Camp Medals obtained during Early Access will expire, and be removed during the 8/25 (Thu) Maintenance.