Vision & Road Map

Creative and sustainable P2E ecosystem


Lets get back to the basic of Play-to-Earn. Blockchain has been integrated to games to organically rewards players for their effort and commitment. We truly believe in this initiative, yet we do not believe a game is simply a medium to earn extra cash. The play itself must be enticing, thrilling, and addictive just like any other traditional games.
This is where Netmarble F&C kicks in. As one of the AAA game studios, Netmarble F&C has developed exciting games such as the Seven Deadly Sins and Blade & Soul Revolution that are globally successful.

As we enter the crypto scene, we are determined to translate the same level of fun to P2E games, while creatively presenting sustainable ways to earn for our players.

With our MoU with Binance, Golden Bros will be the first and foremost game behind a greater initiative of building GameFi and MetaFi for the BSC community. We are aligned with Binance on the same determination to bring true freedom and ownership for the everexpanding blockchain world.

Road Map

Golden Bros is determined to provide continuous updates to create a sustainable game ecosystem where players can enjoy a world full of content and excitement. At the same time, crypto services will be added one-by-one to accentuate their Play-to-Earn experience.
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